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Manhunter's Mercy

A Misfit Diaries Prequel

“Do I save him or do I shoot him?” The shocking similarity between the manhunter’s desperate target and his crippled daughter trashes his coldly methodical killing routine. Texas lawman “Blacktooth” Hardsen is about to make the longest range kill of his career with this one historic shot. High above the canyon floor, the veteran sharpshooter finds himself struggling against his disruptive compassion for the hopeless young man in his sights and his euphoric thoughts of being known as the best long-range sniper in Texas. Hardsen has the young man in his sights. He knows he can make the kill. As he squeezes the trigger, will the thought “Do I save him or do I shoot him?” hopelessly entangle his and the fugitive’s lives forever?

Manhunter’s Mercy: A Misfit Diaries Prequel questions the power of compassion over the power of fame and fortune. Two lives will be directly affected by the lawman’s decision to try for the historic shot or to try to take the fugitive alive.

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